Certainly, free enterprise has income inequality, however all other economic systems have more extreme inequality.  The more important issue is the greatest wealth production comes from free enterprise.  Not only does socialism produce much less wealth for everyone and more extreme poverty for the poor, it comes with the added bonus of lower control by the individual. 
 In the free enterprise system, it is helpful to understand how income is distributed.  Everyone distributes the money they have to the people they buy things from and money is distributed to you by you working for someone.  If you want more money distributed to you, then work more hours, add useful machine, work more productively, and examine different areas of work at higher pay rates. 
The wealthier among us usually find a way to make a high quality product that is in high demand and can be massed produced or replicated at lower costs than making one at a time. 

If you are concerned about income inequality, are you examining how YOU distribute your money?  Do YOU distribute it, by way of spending it, evenly to everyone in your neighborhood, city, state, country or even the 7 billion people around the world?  Do you look for those earning nothing or very little and concentrate spending with them. 
Why do YOU distribute YOUR money to the Billionaires at Wal-Mart for milk, clothes, sporting goods and the thousands of other items they carry?  Why do YOU buy your car from companies that make Billions verses the common guy?
The guys making the largest incomes deserve that money because a lot of people are freely choosing to give them the money verses someone else for the service they are providing.  If you stop or tax heavily someone making ‘too much’, you are stopping or at least disincentivizing them from serving others.  
Many will try to play tricks with the tax code to try to partly even the inequality.  If government needs $100 X in a 100 person economy, they should take 1X from each person.  To try to even things they switch it to a percentage of income.  They further do tax deductions, exemptions and credits.  These do harm to the economy and the poor always do worse in a poorer economy.     
The rich have no power to make you serve them.  They have to offer you enough money that you take the deal.  If you serve them, then you have the money to offer others to serve you.  God warns us with the Tenth Commandment about the dangers of coveting.  
If you concentrate on your income and not covet the incomes of others, your attitude and life will improve.  It is perfectly fine to see what others with higher incomes are doing and learn from them, the bad part is the resentment of others, trying to take their money, or using law to punish them.  Remember the rich cannot make their money without serving you.  


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