A dollar represents service (anything of worth) you did for another.  You can use that dollar to request services from others.  Whoever owns that dollar is due the other half of a trade of service for service.  You have that dollar because you already did your service.  When someone does service for you, you give up that dollar and the trade is complete.  
Both sides of a trade, the buyer and seller, must decide if the trade for the currency is WORTH IT, meaning, is your service worth the currency you are getting or is the currency you are giving up worth the service you want. 
If you earned a million dollars, does that mean that you serviced your fellow man more than the man making $50,000.  Yes, as defined by all those that decided to trade their service/currency for the millionaires’ service.  As long as both sides agree to the trade, the dollars ‘earned’, does demonstrate the value of your worth to others. 
Often times, to make millions, your services need to be bought by millions.  Also, to make millions, others in business make tens of millions.  As a million-dollar athlete, the others include many in the TV industry, those businesses that buy ads, those that build a stadium, those that maintain the arena among millions of dollars for others. 
A million-dollar CEO, of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, has the jobs of thousands directly and indirectly affected by his decisions.  Often, billions of dollars of the common man’s investments, are also greatly affected by the CEO’s decisions.  The skill, talent, experience, wisdom, humbleness and incredibly hard work of a CEO is SERVICE to millions.  The worth of a CEO is defined by the board of directors.     
Too often, people begrudge a millionaire’s wealth.  They don’t ‘think’ they earned it and covet the millionaires’ possessions and lifestyle.  If done in the free enterprise system and without fraud, the millions represent service done for millions and a business that produces hundreds of millions for others.

Every person has the right to offer their services for $1 million to take the place of a CEO that is making $10 million.  You could offer your Quarterback services to the Cowboys for $1 million instead of the $10 million star.  There are very good reasons why the board of directors or the owner of the team does not save $9 million on hiring you.  Unless you have profound talent in these areas, hiring you could lose billions of dollars for millions of people.    


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