Elementary and Secondary Education 


In fall 2015, about 50.1 million students will attend public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.2 million will be in prekindergarten through grade 8 and 14.9 million will be in grades 9 through 12. An additional 4.9 million students are expected to attend private schools (source). The fall 2015 public school enrollment is expected to be slightly higher than the 50.0 million enrolled in fall 2014.
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Many models surrounding education would emerge.  Certainly the structure would allow you to be in an educational CRA and connected to a CDA that treated educational needs as just one of many needs taken care of by CDA’s.  This model means you would be out of the education tax.  Having everyone, taking care of their own or their children’s education means, they are paying zero in education taxes.  
For the few that are in need of assistance, and they have exhausted educational loans, they could look towards charities.  Depending on the circumstances, it is likely that the CDA would help by pairing your family with an established system.  The CDA could help set up a structure where parents are put to work assisting in the education of the school. 
There currently are many ‘school’ structures like this in home school communities, however after these reforms, this model would be multiplied many times over.  There will be so many options depending on geography, although there are numerous groups over the internet that makes geography irrelevant.        
A person’s responsibilities to help those in need starts at age 13 and does not end with old age.  The option and encouragement of doing volunteer hours in lieu contributing the first $1,500, would allow so many options of people helping with the education of those in need.  The charity economy would certainly include education.  The possibilities are endless when government gets out of the way.  
Second Best in Education
Allow a dozen Public School Boards (CRA’s on my charts) to exist within each city or county.  Every parent with an eligible child would pick which School board (CRA) they wish to control their child’s education.  All parents of students who choose that school board, elects their school board members.
Since there are many choices, roughly a dozen, all restrictions would be lifted on inculcating religion during academic teaching.  One school board CRA would still be run by the government with all the restrictions, however the others would be free to be run similar to private schools now. 
All current laws requiring a minimum number of days and length of days would be lifted.  The current system is swimming in hundreds of requirement that is best left to the free enterprise system.  The new school boards would make these or allow the schools under them have great leeway in creating their own.  The best is only achieved when people have the freedom to innovate.   
Every school board is given an equal amount of funds per student.  Special needs students have a separate budget.  If the school board can achieve cost savings, the savings are deposited in each student’s educational saving account.  Educational saving accounts can be used in that current year for tutors, online educational assistance, approved extracurricular activities (sports, music and clubs) among others. 
Money can also roll over to future years of k-12 or into college.  Trade schools and other approved expenses would qualify.  If a school Board wishes to add an additional tuition per child, they can.  Any funds not used always stays in that person’s personal educational saving account and could be applied to their children. 
The school board CRA parent group will coordinate all assets of the schools and divide them up and create publicly traded corporations on each.  One percent of the stocks of each corporation would be sold per month in the manor described here.  Rentals of buildings, buses and equipment would be standard with long term rent to own or other arrangements agreed to by all parties.
Once these corporations are completely owned by the people owning the stocks, all options are open.  All money from the sale of these stocks will go back into the education budget and be added to the per student payout.  This will last about 8.5 years.    
Every parent/ student will now have many options on high quality education.  Many new business/ educational models would emerge.  School boards would run their own system and would be able to compete for students.  States and cities would have policies for students to cross state, city or county lines.     
Current private or home school families would likely go into these School board CRA’s because there would be several that would be totally open to parental control or academic education totally infused with religious inculcation. 
Nevertheless, one CRA would be designated for current private schools or home educated and would only disperse money in the educational saving accounts.   At the age of thirty, if any money is still in a person’s personal account, they will have the option of donating to another’s account or to pay off some taxes.  Of course they could always keep the funds in their account for future education.  
The public schools have to take every student.  There are laws that restrict private schools from objecting to certain students that apply.  This mandatory acceptance can lead to some negative results.  This is not about discrimination, rather discernment.  

While it is unlikely that discrimination of a person because of color could be morally justified or socially acceptable, it is entirely different to look at the character of a person and determine if that person would be ‘good’ for the school and whether the school would be ‘good’ for the student.  The school might cater to those with high IQ, those gifted in the arts, those on a certain career path, those gifted athletically or many other specialties.  
Of course, there is great value in having all those talented students intermixed in one school as well.  The parents and schools should always be the ones to decide what is best for their children.  Both the school and the parents/students always must agree before the student can attend that school.  The results will quickly be revealed and the parents will look at what works and what does not. 
Those that want to make the choice for everyone through government force, because they think they know best, is not allowing many models to emerge and seeing the results.  Only through choice and parental decisions, will the best models emerge.  Parents want what is best for their children and society must trust parents.  Trusting politicians to make decision for ALL children is certainly NOT going to result in the best education models.  
When government take the responsibility away from the parent for education, the parents become less responsible.  This is not saying totally irresponsible, but less responsible.  When parents are in charge of the money and have choices of schools, they care much more and hold teachers accountable with the ability to remove their child and the money as well.  When parents have choices of schools they have real power and the school and teacher listen.
On the other side, if a child is disruptive, the school needs to decide if the money from that child is more valuable than the many students that leave because of that disruptive student. The school has real power when they tell a parent that their child needs to behave because it comes with the ability to remove that child.  This is highly dynamic and only when the parent/ students and the schools can both leave the contract, will schools have their best chance of improving.    
There is a great problem of discipline issues involving threats and violence as well.  When a student is being disruptive to the class, the school needs the ability to remove the child so that teaching can continue.  Often the disruptive child knows they cannot be removed until things get very serious. The ability of a school to remove a student focuses the parent on correcting discipline issues quickly.   
One of the biggest issues with the students that are falling behind is the lack of parental involvement.  This is simply the greatest complaint of teachers.  Making the funding of education go through the parents rather than a benefit from government, enhances parental involvement because it is money under their control.  The claim here is ‘increased’ involvement, not going from none to all.
This 7th Grader was shone hostility and doubt towards her religion.
Many parents want their children to be encouraged spiritually and inculcated in their faith during the very important hours learning their academics. Many people want teachers who are also believers of their same faith.  A lack of hostility is great, however parents desire to pick a school that is proactively positive to their religion. 
A century ago, Protestants and Baptists controlled the public school system and wanted to use that control to force Catholics among others to attend the public school system with mandatory attendance laws.  In Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1923), the Supreme Court stopped the mandate.  The public schools still had the exclusive right to tax everyone to only fund their schools, giving them a heavy financial advantage.  Catholics wanted to run their own school system and wanted school choice to acquire their own educational tax money back.  

This desire of these Christian sects to control everyone by taking parental rights away in education, which in effect teaches many aspects of world view, including religion, political, economic, science, equality, liberty, sexuality, history among many others, back fired roughly 50 years ago with a large move to liberal secularism.  Suddenly parents of all these religious sects started a major increase in private religiously based schools and now are crying for school choice. 
Whenever there is a system that has these kind of major controls over 90% of children, every group will fight to have influence on this control.  THIS CONTROL BELONGS TO THE PARENTS.  Statist and liberals have overwhelming won this battle over control and have access to 90% of children to indoctrinate. Parents must give up a highly valued public benefit of a government funded education in order to regain their control of worldview.    
Overwhelmingly obvious, however proof that parent are economically pressured by government taxing and spending, to give up their right to direct their children’s education and enroll their children in government schools.  
Given Facts 
1. Government at the federal, state and local levels collects high levels of taxes and funds K-12 education. 
2.  100% of those funds go to the Public School System (PSS), thus denying a benefit to those parents not enrolling their children in the PSS.
3.  The PSS offers all parents the opportunity for their K-12 aged children to attend the PSS for free.  
4.  When a parent enrolls their child in the PSS, they no longer hold their parental and constitutional rights during the many hours in the PSS. 
5.  Government administrators exercise the relinquished parental right of association in determining whom will be in a highly relevant association, as a teacher with your child.  
6.  Government administrators also exercise the following relinquished parental rights: the choice of school,  curriculum, world view, and religious environment among many more.
Every school choice plan that goes into effect sees many parents pulling their children out of the Public School System because the economic disadvantage is reduced.  This proves that the tax and spending laws creating the disadvantage has very large effects on parental decisions.  When the disadvantage is reduced, more parents can overcome the smaller burden and pull their children out.       

The next year, the family’s finances took a substantial hit and they weren’t able to afford tuition, even with the scholarship. Reyes said she has no choice but to return him to the public school, since he is not eligible for the ESA.
This movie is all about parents and children who desperately want to enroll their children in a private school because the public school was failing so badly.  They simply cannot afford to pay for the private schools on their own.  The fact that school taxes take so much money from these poor households cause the situation to be much worse.    

Much more to come.




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Higher education is very important and most of those who achieve greater levels of education experience enriched lives, both monetary and personally.  

Many believe it best for society to have greater numbers of citizens achieve a high level of education. Haley2024 the Movement supports, relies on, encourages and promotes greater amounts and higher levels of education. 

Free enterprise has proven in all areas of economy to achieve results far superior to those of socialism or economic fascism.  Based on the principals in Haleynomics and using Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRAs), the college and university system will transition to free enterprise.  

Using Statism organizations, those who wish to stay with high levels of socialism or other statism control may join higher education statism organizations that will ensure their education.  

Many higher education CRAs will join with Financial CRAs to develop partnerships to allow the greatest amounts of students to achieve education.  All higher education CRA's will partner with a wide range of CRA's in various sectors to achieve the best results. Many models, polices, share loans, partnerships, etc. will be tried, continuously improving higher education as a result.
The Transition
Once this bill is passed, the government will create a publicly traded corporation for each college. At the beginning, the government will be the sole owner of all stocks. Each month they will have to price the stocks to sell off an additional one percent of the college. As long as the government owns the stocks in the colleges, each legislator will have voting rights for a percentage of the stocks that the government owns. 

These legislators will have to go through Corporate Proxy Groups thus giving a buffer of conflicts of interest. All taxes supporting higher education will be eliminated and every college will have to price what the market will bear. Colleges will likely partner with banks for long term student loans or share loans. The private sector will work out the details. 
Funds from selling the stocks of the colleges will first account for debt realized from the current system and then the rest will act as a base of capital deposited in the highest rated financial institutions dealing in student loans.    
Before a child turns 13 years old, all agreements and contracts for educational funding must be done by the parents contracting with the parent’s future income or educational tax.  After turning 13, the child must be included and agree on any contracts of future income or educational tax. 

If parents enroll their child k-age 12 in the public school system or accepting funds though the education tax, the parents are accepting, thus obligated to pay a portion of the education tax.  Age 13 - 12 grade, the student must accept the obligations of the future education tax in order to attend the public school system or  receive funding from the government system.

Parents always has the option of taking on the extra tax burden for themselves although the system is set-up to have the each person take on half the burden while they are 13 years old-12 grade and the other half when their children are k-12 years old.

The same concept can work in the private educational funding.  If one chooses to be out of the government system, the parents can only contract out with the parents future income until the child turns 13.  At that time the 13-18 year old can contract out within limits their future income.
Funding The
government system

Everyone that has attended public schools will have to pay one half of the education tax, every one that has sent their children to the public school system will pay the other half of the education tax.  If both, you pay the entire educational tax.  There would be a system of proration for partial time in the system.
 Transitioning Sports
There is a great desire for sports in the teen aged years.  Haley2024 calls for full openness of any school, public or private along with clubs to participate in sports without government regulations or restrictions.  Teams should be free to cross over and compete with other teams of any type. The free market works out issues. 
More to come

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