Loss of Parental Rights
In the act of enrolling a child in the public schools system, parents give up much control over their child in the area of education.  Public Schools are government controlled. Parents simply have very little real say. This goes well beyond the facts and subjects that shape a child’s education. This system shapes the child as a person. For roughly six hours per day, five days a week, for thirteen years, the influences that are surrounding a child are not the influences of his or her parents would  necessarily chose in a free market.
Once enrolled in the public school system, government workers (not the parents) control the following: the child school, the environment, teacher/student associations, curriculums, moral teachings, worldview,  religious environment, sports, music, clubs, and much more. 
These are huge decisions that  belong to the parents.
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The Cost of the Current System
The cost of government funded education is roughly 5.6 percent of GDP.  This 5.6 percent of GDP is taxed from you in dozens of different taxes. Government at all levels spends $920 Billion a year. There are 115 million households thus simple math show that taxpayers are taxed an average of $8,000 a year.  All taxes harm the poor the most.
I want to make it very clear, while the decision to spend taxpayer funds on education is unwise on economic grounds, the loss of parental control is based on the fact that the law discriminates on funding based on whether or not parents relinquish their control over how, what, when, where, and by whom their children are taught. 


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