From birth through preschool, there are tax breaks and incentives for families to send their toddlers to day-cares that are heavily controlled by the government. Head Start, for example, is a publicly funded daycare that has very high costs when compared with private day-cares.
Kindergarten through high school, the government spends about twice the amount of many private schools but public school students have lower average test scores. 
The heavy involvement does not stop at graduation. The government has totally taken over college loans. It uses this power of loans to exercise control over universities. Beyond loans, however, the government subsidizes public universities directly, thus political decisions are made.  Finally, there are laws that require college degrees or licenses for most professional jobs.
Many would look at government involvement as help, that the free market would not result in as many educated children. Many believe that if government does not do it, then many children would not be educated.  
I disagreeThere is an universal desire of parents to ensure their children are educated.  They will invest their time and treasure to ensure an education is attained.  The plan I have listed here will structure the private sector to encourage better educational outcomes for the vast majority; the poor helped the most.


09/04/2015 12:40am

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05/08/2016 9:44am

I think its the best way for birth control as well as tax breaks and incentives for families to send their toddlers to day-cares that are heavily controlled by the government.


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