Parents have countless areas of their world view that they want to pass on to their children.  The time they are in education is a key and indispensable time to impart this wisdom.  It is impossible to not pass a world view during education and highly desired time to pass the correct world view.


Some believe that if a teacher stays “neutral”, the child will not be taught a world view.  First, neutral is a world view and the teacher clearly does not have the time teach every viewpoint much less, competently know every viewpoint.  Most parents want their children to value one viewpoint over another, particularly among moral issues.  Yes, there is a state law requiring the Public Schools to teach morality.  

The teacher/ child Association is critical and belongs to the parents to decide.   


The Supreme Court in TROXEL et vir. v. GRANVILLE No. 99-138. (2000), confirmed the “liberty of parents and guardians” includes the right “to direct the upbringing and education of children under their control.”


History is so broad and disputable that teachers, even those wanting to stay just with the facts, have to come across many areas where one needs to declare something was morally wrong such as slavery.  For a teacher to stay morally neutral on this issue is highly objectionable, however where is the line drawn?  There are many examples of people with a master’s degrees in American history, not knowing key verifiable facts that total change ones outlook on a particular person or event.  First, let’s acknowledge the fact there are too many facts for one person to know.  There are over one Billion Americans that lived over the last one hundred years and each with Hundreds of astonishing stories.  Which to teach and which to leave untold?  There are many widespread false stories or narratives that deserve to be told.  Parents, not government should determine the history curriculum being taught.     


It is highly problematic to have government deciding morality and forcing by law (Virginia code § 22.1-208.01: Character education required) for government employees to teach morality.  Teachers are force by the great separating wall casting a god-free shadow from explaining where the good character and morals come from.  Without the ability to teach the origins of character and morality we are doing a major disservice to the children.  Many parents clearly wants those that teach their children to be grounded in the roots of the morality they want taught 


For religion to be properly taught it needs to be taught by being lived as well as academically.  The six plus hours a day a child is at school is vital time to learn religion interwoven within most if not all subject. Even a quick overview of most non-public schools shows a high desire by parents to have their children taught within their faith and not waste the education hours in that endeavor, moreover many parents believe that having a religiously neutral position does harm to their effort to inculcate a religious world view into their children.      

Conservatism, Libertarian or Statist 

This ideology is taught in so many subtle and also blatant.  Just the fact you bring up verse the facts you leave out can show much belief on certain views.  Many parents do not want to stay neutral on this issue, many clearly want liberty taught and other want “liberty of want” taught.      


The Creation and Evolution page is here to show my view on the issue.  My thinking on this issue will not effect my policies at all.  I make it very clear that I want parents to decide how, where, when, be whom, and what is taught their children.  Many may not want their children taught what I believe, just as many do not want their children taught evolution. 


 It is a very dangerous policy for the government to claim that they can force the teaching of "facts".  There are not just two ways, rather hundreds of variations on this subjects.   I totally oppose forcing a teaching on any child, their parents would disapprove of, however it is highly desired by parents that their children be inculcated within their world view.   


History The year was 1996. Bill Jack, Jeff Baldwin, Randy Sims, and Todd Kent envisioned a place where Christian students could learn to live courageously in the hope of Jesus. The four men came together, with differing gifts and talents, to realize this dream and create a community where young believers could seek a deeper understanding of their faith. Forty students and a handful of staff gathered in Tehuacana, Texas for a week-long, biblically-intensive summer camp centered on worldviews, apologetics, and servant leadership. Eighteen years, 238 camps, and 30,000 students later, the mission is still the same: to train Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview.

This camp's popularity and many more just like it, shows how parents have a high desire to teach their children a world view.  some will claim that children should get the academic education by government then supplement world view in summer camps.  I believe that is misguided and clearly those parents can do things their way, however many parents want year round constant inculcating of their world view.     



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