In the political discourse of the day, the arguments about equal pay for equal work are annoying.   No two jobs are the same, likewise no two employees are the same.  Sure some are very close, however never the same.  The differences matter.

When you go to work, your pay is one of many factors that keep you at your job.  Many would LOVE to work in a job where they saw their favorite pop star or athlete on a daily basis.  A young man would really enjoy a job assisting with a photo shoot for the sports Illustrated bikini edition.  The same pay as an assistant to a septic tank cleaner is not the same.
Nobody has the same coworkers as you do.  You do not have ‘you’ as a coworker, for the good or the bad.  Your coworkers and the general morale of your workplace can have you pleased or looking for other job opportunities.  This is all to say that no two jobs are the same.  Employers have long understood that bad morale requires higher pay to keep good employees.  Employees with higher morale are more productive, thus bring greater worth to the company.  
Understanding that no two employees are the same should be easy.  Everyone’s productivity is different.  Their contribution to morale, while subjective, is different.  Each employee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is different from others.  Knowledge and experience on issue outside of their current job could bring better ideas on improvements of their current jobs.  
Some people naturally are leaders and others followers.  Some are willing to go the extra mile and others are not.  Everyone has different lives outside of work that could affect work schedule flexibility.  Some are willing and able to train others and others are not.  Some are eager to be trained and others stuck in their ways.  

One could like one sports team while the workplace is overwhelmingly in favor of another, thus animosity can enter.  Some have strong personalities and others meek.  Some need to be managed and others, self-governing.  Some have greater aptitude for the job and others struggle.  
All this to state that no two employees are the same.  Government regulations that try to demonstrate discrimination misses the massive subjective determination necessary for a business owner to use the role of ‘price of labor’ to attract and retain better employees.    
Most employers find it helpful to have a pay structure that most will fall into, however often they find ways to promote or benefit those that bring more value to the business.  Often government labor law restricts beneficial trades of labor for currency.  Businesses often negotiate with employees to work around restrictions.   


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06/12/2017 8:05pm

What a complete explanation. Thank you very much for that.


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