The Tenth Commandment is one of the most important economic lessons. The lesson is not that you should not desire more and work hard for those things; you clearly should.  The lesson here is that should not resent what your neighbor has.  If they have a car, you can clearly want a car also, however this is about you thinking that you deserve their car more then your neighbor does.  

Yes, part of this covetousness is also sexual desire, however the same principle applies. It is moral to desire your own wife, however immoral to desire your neighbor wife.

Liberals clearly have issues with the rich having so much.  They not only want stuff, they think it is unfair that the rich have so much and that they deserve the riches' stuff.  They are not happy with just earning their own stuff, they must have the rich's stuff.



04/14/2016 2:48pm

This is the 10th commandment and the favorite one because without the great commandments the people are not able to do anything in their life. I know you did a lot of research and then you write this beautiful article on this topic but I just want to share this beautiful article with my family and friends.


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