Government fronts the money for the education of 90% of the citizens.  
Government offers everyone, that is willing to accept government control of their child’s education, a government funded education.  Roughly 90% accept that funding and control.  Everyone, whether funded or not, pays back that investment in taxes the rest of their lives. 
Government collects taxes during the productive earning years of all citizens.  A big part of taxes is paying for the education they already had and then paying taxes for the future in the form of government retirement, which is socialism for the elderly.
Haley2024’s reforms will have similar investments, payments and retirement, however in the free enterprise system. Investment houses could help fund education during a child’s education years with long term repayment terms during a citizen’s productive earning years.  During those earning years, they save for their own retirement.     
During the Haley2024's reform transition, state government will have to issue debt bonds to fulfill promised Social Security and Medicare promises.  General Government taxation will also stop funding education and the limited time education tax will transition to funding these retirement debt bonds.  
Since 90% of people were educated by government, thus had the money invested in their education, they still need to payback the investors, in the form of taxes.  The 10% of those that did not have government funded education, should be excluded from that repayment tax because because government did not invest in them.   


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