Many people are confused by the 90% because many people do not consider this argument.   Many believe that they are offering to fund every child’s education.  I encourage people to change their paradigm of thinking on this issue. 
First, everyone receives an education.  On average, those outside the public schools score better on standardized tests. However politicians ONLY offer to fund a child’s education within the Public School System.  While government chooses to not fund the 10% of children that are educated outside their control.  It is fundamentally wrong to fund education for only 90% of children. 
Outside the public school, parents and teen aged students can visit all the schools and investigate each school's mission statement, religious environment, teacher quality and character, past results, question other students and their families and then ultimately choose the school that best fits that family.  Homeschool and Homeschool/ private school co-ops among others are options as well. 
The huge cost that parents and students must bear to receive funding is the loss of control of all those factors to government.  Quite simply, government funding means almost total government control.
It is fundamentally wrong to condition a government benefit of a tax payer funded education on the relinquishment of the right of parents to direct their child’s education.    
The Public School System is Unconstitutional


12/17/2014 7:44am

It is fundamentally wrong to fund education for only 90% of children. I couldn't agree more with this. And not just a poor education, they deserve to have a quality education funded by the government. Taxpayers are more willing to deduct a portion of their tax, if and only if, it will be distributed through education.

For me, every child is important as others. That one child should treat equally. Responsibility need to have a hard edge, meaning your tasks as an educator must be plainly defined, clearly understood along with uniformly enforced.

Royal J. Willis
Orem, UT 84058

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