The conservative mantra is that government should not be able to mandate that the citizens buy anything.  I generally agree with this, however everything in balance.  Let’s first realize that if government taxes citizens and then uses those funds to buy things, then that is very much government forcing people to buy things, although with a lot less individual control.
Are these same conservative stating that government should not tax and fund Social Security,  education, welfare, regulations, protecting the country (military), roads, police, health care, the courts among others that are funded by government?  There is no big push back stating that government should not force people to buy these things.  Again, if government taxes and then provides (funds) these, they are forcing people to purchase these services, however now under politician control. 
Under Haley2024 reforms and on the page A Citizen's Responsibility, Haley2024 calls for many of these programs to be done in the free enterprise system. To ensure that people do not become burdens on society, however to gain control over these areas in their lives, Haley2024 mandates for the individual and businesses to take care of what government currently provides.  Haley2024 does not add or expand the mandate, over what government currently provides, in fact reduces and allows great latitude in how the needs are satisfied.   
Regulations and bureaucracies are vital to society, however the government’s monopoly on these services stifles innovation and progress.  Government taxes to provide these ‘services’ thus mandating you buy these services through government.  
Haley2024 calls for the taxes to be reduced and the businesses mandated to pay for their only private regulatory agencies that they choose. This does not increase or add a mandate, it just allows businesses more options.  
Government mandates people pay high taxes in order to fund education, thus mandating people buy education.  This requires parents to turn over control of how their child is educated, resulting in less liberty.
 Haley2024 segregates education taxes to just pay for education, thus taking it away from the general budget.  Haley2024 allows parents or teens to opt out of the benefit of a government funded education and out of the taxes.  Haley2024 agrees with a parent’s obligation that children receive an education and has a plan with the rating system to ensure there is no educational neglect.
Social Security and Medicare 
Social Security and Medicare is government mandating that people ‘save’ for retirement, regular income and healthcare.  Haley2024 proposes to responsibly end these two programs and mandate that people reach a certain rating on not becoming a burden to society in their elderly years.      
Social safety net      
Government taxing and providing welfare is government mandating that you help the poor.  Haley2024 proposes that ALL welfare is moved away from government, both taxes and spending.  Haley2024 proposes mandating that every individual help the poor through charity within a new structure. 
Government mandates that taxpayers pay for roads.  Haley2024 proposes moving roads to free enterprise.  While there is no mandate within free enterprise to pay for roads, the cost of roads will be part of the expenses of all goods and services.  
If you look at each Haley2024 proposed ‘mandate’, you will see that the mandate is far less than what government is currently mandating.  Furthermore, Haley2024 proposals allows great flexibility and individual choice.  As a compassionate people, the people do not want to see great personal needs going unmet.  These mandates are mostly policies to stop people from becoming a burden on society.    
Why is government involved in the first place?  Free enterprise is not perfect and never claimed to be.  Often those desiring heavy government control creates a false narrative that any perceived imperfection needs to be fixed by government.  If a product is unsafe, a child goes uneducated, a doctor makes a mistake, a bank fails, a basic personal need goes unmet, an old person is without income among others, government thinks they need to get involved .  
Government often over steps and takes over too much.  Certain sectors of the economy are so controlled that, that sector can be considered socialism. One needs to examine whether government action is helping or doing harm.  Did they overreach and control everyone in a sector of the economy where only a small percentage was in need?  
Did government regulation forbid better options and standards?  Did government force out free enterprise in a section of the economy because government started to supply that item with tax money?  
Is it wise for government to supply a need that has a long history of being supplied by the church, especially when morality and spirituality are an integral part of that need and supply?  When government is forced to supply the needs in a secular and amoral way, great harm is done.  The founders believed that liberty can only work when the people are moral and religious.     
Politicians saw poor standards in some products and thought that they knew better and started to regulate.  What they missed is that standards improve when people get wealthier and can afford the safer items.  Often government decides standards need to be above a certain point that people are not ready for yet.
Some people are priced out of the market of that item altogether and actually live with much lower standards.  If a person can afford to increase quality from a 3 to a 5, but the new standard is 7, then they stay at 3.  Almost every trade makes both sides of the trade better off than before.  Often government regulations forbid better standards.  Government way over reached on regulations.
Politicians saw some children not being educated.  Instead of some small measure to give this small percentage of children an opportunity for an education, the government way over reached and turned education into total socialism.  The worst result, is the children are being educated in the shadow of the great wall of separation of church and state, creating great problems.  Government way over reached on education
Government takeover of education also greatly inhibits innovation.  Schools resemble schools from many decades in the past, whereas technology has greatly improved.  Cost of education has sky rocketed, where information technology has improved greatly with major price reductions.  Education regulations, even on private schools greatly inhibit business model experimentation or improvements.  

Social Safety Net
Serious personal needs went unmet in a small percentage of cases. Government involvement necessarily pushed aside charity.  Government is mandated to conduct welfare in the shadow of the wall of separation of church and state, where charity was often religiously based.  Religion is an integral part of caring for the poor.  
How and whether to help is very important.  Providing for the poor can be enabling dependency or empowering.  Government strict rules often creates a situation where people endeavor to meet the requirements to be on welfare and start to feel entitled and thus entrapped.   Charities have the ability to assess the situation to ensure empowerment.  
Roads are something that most people just assume government must provide.  There are challenges for the free market and places that government must get involved, however there is a natural demand for the services of roads and businesses have proven they can supply roads.  With a small structure and a little government involvement, free enterprise would provide better road services at a better value.   
Retirement planning
Social Security and Medicare were established to take care of a few people that did not plan for their own retirement and became a burden to society.   Government way over reached and socialized a large portion of retirement planning.  A simple mandate that people have a certain level of planning is far superior to a total government takeover of everyone’s retirement.  Annuities and long term health insurance are available in the free enterprise system.  
Look at the other reforms within this website to see how free enterprise can accomplish most government functions.  

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