Overwhelmingly obvious, however proof that parent are economically pressured by government taxing and spending, to give up their right to direct their children’s education and enroll their children in government schools.  
Given Facts 
1. Government at the federal, state and local levels collects high levels of taxes and funds K-12 education. 
2.  100% of those funds go to the Public School System (PSS), thus denying a benefit to those parents not enrolling their children in the PSS.
3.  The PSS offers all parents the opportunity for their K-12 aged children to attend the PSS for free.  
4.  When a parent enrolls their child in the PSS, they no longer hold their parental and constitutional rights during the many hours in the PSS. 
5.  Government administrators exercise the relinquished parental right of association in determining whom will be in a highly relevant association, as a teacher with your child.  
6.  Government administrators also exercise the following relinquished parental rights: the choice of school,  curriculum, world view, and religious environment among many more.
Every school choice plan that goes into effect sees many parents pulling their children out of the Public School System because the economic disadvantage is reduced.  This proves that the tax and spending laws creating the disadvantage has very large effects on parental decisions.  When the disadvantage is reduced, more parents can overcome the smaller burden and pull their children out.       

The next year, the family’s finances took a substantial hit and they weren’t able to afford tuition, even with the scholarship. Reyes said she has no choice but to return him to the public school, since he is not eligible for the ESA.
This movie is all about parents and children who desperately want to enroll their children in a private school because the public school was failing so badly.  They simply cannot afford to pay for the private schools on their own.  The fact that school taxes take so much money from these poor households cause the situation to be much worse.    

Much more to come.


08/22/2015 6:59am

I always enjoy your article, you have a gift for conversing such motivating topics in truthful yet amusing.

09/05/2015 3:33am

This is an attention call for Government and authorities. Education with flexibility is the basic right of state's children.

11/04/2015 1:32am

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