How to structure society. Knowledge and results
Just like DNA orders proteins in certain ways, so does government incentivize or disincentives people in fulling their potential.  The structure of protein is highly important, likewise government. 
Badly structured protein dies or is greatly inhibited from the protein’s full potential.  Likewise, people living under badly structured government are inhibited. People living under freedom and liberty are fundamentally no better than the people living under statism. Their God given potential is the same!  
History of governments has proven that socialism among other heavy government controlled systems, inhibits people thriving, thus resulting in a much lower standard of living.  Freedom and liberty, however is an exception to the historic rule of the history of tyranny.  America has thrived and has been a shining city on the hill of what a free people can accomplish when not inhibited by heavy government control.  
Over the last several decades, increased government regulations, higher tax burdens and government providing for more of the peoples’ needs, have taken responsibly away from the people and hampered them from thriving.  Simply by removing government control and allowing those needs to be met in the free enterprise system unleashes the people potential for their greatest thriving. 
If you have material that is explosive and you put a flame to it, you can release tremendous energy.  Most of the time that energy does harm, however with the right structure of a well build engine, that energy can propel a vehicle.  It is also very important where that vehicle is headed.
Our bodies are similar, in that proteins, carbohydrates among others are directed by our DNA to make certain skin, blood, heart, lung, muscles among many other tissues and cells. God truly did make us complex.  Looking at how many millions of things need to go just right to stay alive is amazing.  Bad DNA often cause handicaps or death.       
Every human being has enormous potential to create value and worth to themselves and to others.  Government policies, the DNA of our society, can inhibit or can allow ever person’s to thrive to their greatest potential depending on the structure.  Government policies that limits people from mutually agreeable trade, which regulations do, does great harm by not allowing those that would be better off in the trade from trading.
While regulations are a very important service, a monopoly of those regulations by politicians, creates huge problems.  First, there is the knowledge problem.  The amount and scope of what government regulates is overwhelmingly more than what a politician could conceivably know or care about.  Second, the great power of MONOPOLY in regulations creates great incentives for corruption.  
Haley2024’s Competitive Regulatory Agencies allows for the free enterprise system to provide the service of regulations.  Correctly structured, with ratings and people wanting higher standards, free enterprise will increasingly improve regulations and allow for people to thrive.  Bad regulations will be driven out by good regulation when they can be freely chosen.      
Self-governance, which is every person providing for themselves through the interdependence of free enterprise is a far better system then a few politicians in government, providing certain NEEDS for the people.  When government provides a need, people do not provide that for themselves.  This makes the people dependent on government for certain needs.  Government provision inhibits the advancements in that product.   
Government provision for education has greatly inhibited educational advancements and has huge government control verses parental control.  Government provision of roads resulted in higher cost, lower quality and less supply.  Government provision ofretirement has had disastrous results. Government provision of health care has resulted in higher cost, lower quality and less supply.  
Government provision in ‘helping the poor’ has been disastrous to the poor in countless way, however the greatest way is destroying the family.  Government’s high control of utilities have led to higher cost, lower quality and less supply.  Government control of our money has resulted in heavy monetary tax, reduces people incentives to save and greatly distorts capital which inhibits capitalism.   
The taxes needed for government provision of needs, raises the tax rates, which disincentives people from earning in the first instant.  Business owners who hire employees are disproportionately affected by higher tax rates, thus resulting in less jobs.  Less jobs drive wages down, harming the poor the most with either no job or less pay.       


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