Both sides differ on the degree, however the facts are clear, if someone loses welfare benefits when they go to work, it will lower the net value of earning that paycheck.  Everyone knows economics in their own lives and reacts to incentives and disincentives.   While some claim that welfare results in a better standard of life then low wage work, it is also important to realize that the hours of work or leisure  is also important to look at.  
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If welfare offers 90% of what a paycheck could give, one would have to ask if putting in 40 long hours at an unpleasant job is worth the extra 10%.  Whatever the math is in a poor person’s life, this is a major factor that creates disincentives to some to enter the labor force. 

The NEW American Way of Life article below: Whether or not this stretches the truth some, this type of gaming the system is real and damaging to both the taxpayers which needs to pay higher rates and to those that are entrapped in welfare.  This gaming of the system creates low self-esteem and teaches the next generation a damaging way of life.



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