The free enterprise system is  interdependent arrangements where people must please others with their services in order to have the currency to request services in response.  Both people to a trade becomes better off after the trade, if done freely, the base of ‘free’ enterprise. 
There are able-bodied people on occasion that fall on hard times, whether or not it is their fault by lack of planning or just bad luck.  This is why it is a great idea to keep family and friends close and build ‘relationship capital’ so they can help you over hard times.  However if that level of family and friend's help is not there, there needs to be another level. 
The Charity Economy
Using Assessor Organizations and volunteer hour specialist among others, a person or family can enter the Charity Economy.  The assessor determines the needs and the skills of those requesting help and authorizes many benefits in exchange for many volunteer hours.  This would be very dynamic and meant to be a stepping stone back to the regular economy. 
This would be an optional plan among many other similar plans that CDA’s could and likely would try.  Before a foreclosure of a home, a charity could approach the mortgage company requesting other arrangements such as having the homeowner do extra volunteer hours and applying those volunteer hours to employees of the mortgage company. 
 The homeowner might have skills in improving another house that would benefit the mortgage company.  The options are endless. Current government financial and employment regulations hamper such dynamic solutions.  CRA's in every sector, would work cooperatively with CDA's to achieve the best ratings dealing with these issues. 
Long Termers
There are going to be those that need more help than they can give.  There are some people that have physical or mental issues that lowers their efficiency to the point that they cannot yield enough productive labor to achieve a certain minimum standard of living.  These people would be in the longer term or lifelong charity economy. 
There would be people who specialize in achieving the greatest productivity and labor from those people restricted by disability.  This is best for the disabled person because they get the satisfaction of earning at least part of their living.  The difference would be the reason everyone has to give their 5% to charity.  This would be very dynamic and rated to always achieve enhanced results.     
Getting older might mean that you do not have the energy to work long hours and many accommodations might need to be considered, however there is no reason why agreements could not be established to allow older folks the chance to work.  Current government policies from labor law to Social Security hamper utilizing the elderly.  This takes valuable resources from our economy and inhibits the elderly from increasing their pursuit of happiness and personal economy.  



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