Rating charities by it very nature will have to be very dynamic,  therefore having competing ratings agencies will be vital.  Conservative and liberal among others will rate methods and outcomes differently and every person will look at the rating agency they trust to determine which Charity Distribution Associations(CDA) they will fund.  
While most people running a charity do not intend to waste resources, whether money or man power, people wanting to donate to charities need a way to determine if the charity is achieving the fullest potential from those resources  
Trying to determine whether a family needs to stay dependent because of their situation or if they could contribute what they can, will be debated in a one size fits all government system.  In a system of competing charities, trying out different models, people would be able to see actual evidence of success or failure of every model.   
Currently many welfare or government benefits are forfeited if the recipient tries to do something within their abilities.  Often time a doctor will determine that a person is disabled from their current job and put that person on disability where the government will pay benefits for the rest of their lives.  Just because they are unable from certain work does not mean they can not do other work.   
Charities and Assessor Organizations (AO's) can train the person to be a valuable asset in other work.   Having Rating Agencies looking at every CDA successes and challenges would be vital for them to rate them.  Having all CDA's chasing better practices for the best ratings will force charities to improve fulling their mission.    



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