So many people try to suggest ‘fixes’ for the V.A. medical system and most do not understand the central problem.  It is socialism.  I fully understand veterans earned these benefits as a condition of working for the government, many risking their lives to protect our freedom.  The government surely owes benefits, however they deserve far greater than government controlled health care. 
There is a simple solution for those that already earned their benefits, simply a Blue Cross card.  The government should sign up with the many of the top rated health insurance companies and provide a card for each person that has earned the benefit.  Once health care insurance are transitioned to CRA’s and rating are in place, they would contract with all companies with ratings over a certain level.  
Government would have a base benefit amount they would provide and people receiving the benefit would pay the difference in a shared premium or if the insurance is less, they would have money placed in a health care savings account. 
Preexisting conditions are always a concern.  Currently certain veterans are much more costly than others which is the need for insurance in the first place.  However, after a condition is known, it is hard to gain insurance again.  The government would have a higher base benefit for those that preexisting conditions.  This is why health insurance should not be a yearly contract, rather a long term to lifetime guaranteed renewals. 
Insurance companies currently do yearly contracts because of heavy government regulation changes that make it very difficult to have long term contracts.  Government labor tax laws dealing with health insurance also harms prospects of long term insurance contracts since insurance is tied to a person’s job.    
If Haley2024’s Military Reform is implemented, military corporations would have different compensation plans, thus different methods of doing health care or insurance.  Every health insurance plan would have different costs because they have different business models and coverages. 
The VA medical system is government supplied and as close to socialism as possible.  This is the main problem.  I do not claim that free enterprise is without problems, rather I claim millions of decisions within free enterprise results in bad business models being naturally replaced with better models.  When consumers decide and providers are free to experiment with ‘better ways’. Many of these problems are solved.  
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