If someone has a mortgage of $300,000 on a $400,000 house, are they said to be in debt?  People will dispute this and look at it in a variety of ways, however two things are true.  First, the person with the mortgage cannot say they own the house outright. Second, the person can sell the home and pay off the debt and have capital left over. 
national debt
When the government claims $18 trillion in debt (January 2015), they are not showing a counter balance of assets they have.  The very unknowable level in Social security and Medicare debt is a major consideration also.  The purpose of this article is that many of the Haley2024 plans calls for significant reduction of the role of government leading to the government’s ability to sell many assets to the private sector where these assets will be needed. 
Roads, schools, buildings, land, military assets among others will go through a transition to the free enterprise system.  The assets will be sold over a ten year span and would total in the tens of trillions of dollars across the country. The exact amount is unknowable because most will be sold by setting up publicly traded companies and pricing the stocks to sell one percent a month until complete.
A Standard Transition from Government Control and Ownership to Free Enterprise

The federal government also owns a lot of land.  Selling much of this could be a significant amount as well.  This would have the added benefit of private owners taking care of the land far better than the government has proved they could.           



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