Expense and Funding
New and innovated funding opportunities(Share Loans) will develop.  New ways to establishing long-term student loans will evolve.  Businesses might invest in a child early in their lives in long term contracts.  Investment houses could specialize in education.  With government not funding education, the average household tax bill of over $8,700 a year for life would not exist, thus leaving the funds to pay back long term education loans.
Usually a person cannot enter into many contracts before the age of 18.  However, for the occasion of education, all share loans for a child under the age of 13 has to be on the parents future income and not the child's.  A student between 13 and 18 can start contracting within limits, their own future income, labor, time or other things of value. After 18 they will have their full right to contract. 
Helping the poor: Our Charitable Distribution Association (CDA) can help in some new and innovative ways.  CDA, education CRAs, Statism organizations and Financial CRAs would work closely together.
Our current system's "education taxes" is the equivalent to every household having a $670(plus inflation) monthly student loan for life.  Remember, currently the average citizen is paying over five percent of their income in tax on education.
These taxes harms the poor the most.
Education builds a person’s potential to earn a greater income.  That is something of real worth.  Currency is backed up by a wide variety of things of real worth.  A person’s increased human capital should be considered as part of the base of currency under my monetary policy.  People who own the currency has part ownership in that educated person’s increased income.  


08/23/2014 3:15pm

Expense and funding is a very strong topic but the article is very interesting and useful. It is true that we deal everyone on the same basis but these taxes harms the poor the most according to the current system of education taxes. Well I have read the article and it was totally worth reading.

12/30/2014 11:22am

New funding opportunities must be introduced especially in student loan programs so that the student loan policy becomes a little easier for students than before. You have shared quite useful information and I have noted few points.

03/27/2015 1:36am

Thanks to you! Finally I got some stuff in your blog post related. I was searching for some material related to matter included in post. Very useful and very informative. Thanks once again and do share some more posts if you have!


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