Education builds a person’s potential to earn a greater income.  That is something of real worth.  Currency is backed up by a wide variety of things of real worth.  A person’s increased human capital should be considered as part of the base of currency under my monetary policy.  People who own the currency has part ownership in that educated person’s increased income.  
Under my system of multiple competing currencies, every financial CRA would decide what items of real value backs up their currency.  To understand my system you should try to gain a good understanding of Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRA), Financial CRA's and my Monetary Policy.  The educated person is in reality trading a percentage of their life time income for increased education that leads to increased income.     

As a person is being educated, a long term durable service ability is being created and gaining worth.  A bank would recognize the value and create currency reflecting that value.  The person’s potential income becomes part of the worth that backs up the currency.  The owners of the currency would have real ownership interest in the person, exercised by the bank.
The human capital contract would state that worth is really future labor equaling the dollar (BD) value agreed upon in the loan. The future earnings is collateral.  Each bank and financial CRA would have guidelines on these.  Given that each currency would be on the trading market, everyone would determine the value of the items backing up the currency.  

Different banks and CRA’s would try many varieties of policies for those educated people not fulfilling their side of the contract by not working.  Some could mandate extra hours with CDA’s.  They could be assigned work similar to a temp agency or assign them a job.   
If a person wishes to take time raising children, certain policies would apply such as taking a percentage of pay for the wage earner in the family.  The possibilities are endless to work these out in the free enterprise system.  CRA’s have judicial authority to ensure people respect the rights of others.


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