The main stated reason for Social Security and Medicare is that some people did not properly plan for their retirement, so when they were elderly and lost their earning potential, they became a burden on society.  Because a few did not plan, government  over-reached and made a disastrous plan for everyone.  

Allowing a Thousand Blossoms to Bloom

All the retirement/ investment/ bank CRA's will just have to meet a certain minimum rating set by the rating agency sector board.  Every person will be required to be in a retirement CRA.  Ratings are dynamic and diverse.

Examples of Some Retirement Plans 

There would likely be a plan that is similar to the current Social Security plan.  Retirement plans would be less expensive if all remaining funds are kept by the plan at death.  The plans that allow the funds to be willed to family members would be more expensive.  In free enterprise, there are annuities that that have all sorts of features.  

Some will take into effect life expectancy, medical condition among other factors.  Some plans will be firm and not easily changed, while others will be very dynamic and easily adjusted to reflect circumstances.  Many plans would work closely with company pensions and others not.  Just like many retirement plans currently outside of government, there is choice.     
Non-monetary retirement planning will also be available under a dynamic rating system.  If you have family that is close and willing to legally accept responsibility for you, that could be your retirement plan.  There might need to be a separate insurance plan for the small percentage of families that cannot fulfill their obligations.  Many models would be tried and evaluated.  
The charity economy could have their own ‘currency’ where you give hours while you are productive and build up ‘currency’ to be used when you are elderly.  This is unlikely to be one hundred percent, however a part of your retirement plan.  Your hours when you are 40 years old helping at the nursing home, would translate to others assisting you when you have to live there.  


12/30/2014 11:25am

This is true that if a person does not have a solid retirement plan hen after losing the earning potential he or she can be a burden on the society so retirement plans are not a thing taken to be lighter. Innovation comes from people having choices

06/04/2016 1:56pm

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Excellent post,I totally understand what you have tried to say here,Me and Chris we both have consider the points regarding the retirement plan we would get when we get retired,Thanks for sharing much useful information with us


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