Often the services that we receive comes from the general budget and the taxes go in to that same general budget.  Seldom does one see the link from the taxes to the services. 
From trash pickup, police, workplace safety inspections, energy policy, bank regulation, and labor department among most others, there are many programs that the government pretends are connected.  The government sells Social Security as a retirement plan that people pay into and the money is invested to be given out in one’s elderly years. 
Roads are said to be tied to gas taxes, however money is put in to the general budget and really loses the taxes being tied to road expenses.  CRA’s allow businesses to buy the services they desire and because of the competitive nature the CRA’s, they will have to tie and justify the expense to the services.  Food safety CRA’s that has a customer demanded high rating, would charge for their service with an eye to other CRA’s.
Roads being privately owned though stocks would tie the expense of that road to the ‘tolls’ for the use of those roads, knowing that people can choose to use other roads and can buy stocks in that road.  Retirement planning already has competition keeping expenses reasonable, so Social Security would have an already well developed system to transition to.


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