Many people have to travel through tolls now and they still pay the gas tax.  I am not for an half and half system.  Some people drive 60 miles there and back to work and never hit a toll, while others travel 5 miles both ways and hit the tolls both ways.  This is simply not the competitive system that will bring lower costs and better roads.  
Haley2024 calls for all roads to be private in a very structured system.  

Haley 2024 system for Roads

People look at many factors when deciding the roads they travel or if they travel at all.  Some just will not go if the price is too high.  Gas prices and time of travel are a big concern to some.  Some will travel further to avoid a toll and others are will to pay the toll to save time thus realizing the value of someone’s time.   Whether it is making the family dinner or their child’s sporting event, everyone puts a value on everything.  An extra toll has proven to change behavior of drivers.   

The change in behavior from higher prices is a good indications that drivers will force down prices of tolls by changing their path.  While more cars traveling down your private road will put more wear and tear on that road, there is also a major factor of time and weather that also takes a toll on the roads.  Owners of roads will be competitive because more cars traveling down their road are more funds coming in. 

The payment system will also be a type of toll.  The easiest method will attract more travelers, although if toll roads made you stop and throw money out the window, travelers will see that as time wasted and the annoyances of having coins.  



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