Is gold a good investment?
Is the dollar a good investment?

Is gold or the dollar a good investment for the economy?


These are two very different questions. Gold has historically been a good investment, especially compared to fiat currency.  Enough has been written about that, however I want to ask the different question of whether holding capital in the form of a metal is good for the economy. 

I am not talking about metal that is valued for its value as a utility such as using gold in technology or manufacturing, rather the worth determined by holding it as a hedge against inflation or to hold value.

Things of real worth such as land, buildings, goods, machinery, businesses, human capital, stocks, intellectual property, and commodities, among many others are far better investments for the economy. 

Investing in these things helps create opportunities for businesses to emerge and grow.  Capitalism takes capital.


Investing your capital here spurs the economy by putting money towards an education, building a retail shop, a work van for a mechanic, a tractor, funds to get a movie made, improving the beauty of a park or buying futures in corn as to stabilize and ensure farmers expectations and production.

Additionally, investing in building roads as to make financial exchange less costly, funds to develop new software as to allow more efficient business or as a good as entertainment.  Capitalism takes capital and gold is a just a holder of capital on the sidelines and not engaging capital in capitalism.   


Holding fiat currency such as the dollar is even worse on this issue. For all the reason stated with gold, however with non-backed up currency this expands the money supply and could cause many currency inflations or deflations issues if the market on average goes heavily into or out of the dollar.  Fiat currency has no intrinsic value because it is not backed, whereas gold has certain value as utility and beauty in Jewelry.    

Inflation has been going through a change in definition lately so for this purpose, I am talking about the change in the value of the dollar, not the natural drop in prices due to the products being made more efficiently or people valuing a certain commodity differently for many reasons.   
I will never be against allowing anyone from investing in gold or anything else.


My Monetary policy would solve this issue because every Backed Dollar (BD) would be a certificate of ownership of these things of real value.   



06/21/2014 1:12am

yes!dollar & gold are good investment in economy.i read your whole blog you have given tremendous knowledge about investment i had taken lots of new thing from your post.

08/16/2014 3:50am

Excellent and informative post.I like your post and it is really very helpful for all the people on web.thanks for sharing the post.

08/24/2014 12:06am


08/30/2014 12:53am

It is very fantastic idea . Now a days investment in gold is very nice idea for get profit because it value has been increased many times and it gives a good profit to investor.

01/13/2015 2:21am

I like your concept about metal as well as currency.According to me i think gold is good opportunity for investing money in market because the price of gold can be mostly change in market which gives the good result to us as compare to currency.

08/06/2015 3:00am

There are i read wonderful strategies for investment in gold. I really happy when i read it fully and learn some different kinds of information which is best for my future business.

03/21/2016 5:18am

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12/24/2016 7:26am

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