Why do parents have to give up their constitutional rights of free association (parental rights of parents to choose whom their young and impressionable children are associated with) to the Government in the extremely important choice of the student/ teacher association, in order to receive the benefit of  government funding their child’s education?
How is government constitutionally permitted to fund only the education of the children of those parents whom relinquish their rights by enrolling their children in government schools, when enrolling your child absolutely means that a government employee will choose whom that child will be associated with for 180 days a year times six hours every day?  
Given that the Supreme Court has stated that private religiously dedicated academic k-12, schools are considered “church”, and given that, government only funds a child’s education if parents enrolls them in secular public school, and given that time simply does not allow enrollment in both private religiously dedicated academic school and secular public school, it  is completely unconstitutional to condition the public benefit of a 
government-funded education on whether or not children go to “church” for 180 days, times six hours per day?


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