Before a child turns 13 years old, all agreements and contracts for educational funding must be done by the parents contracting with the parent’s future income or educational tax.  After turning 13, the child must be included and agree on any contracts of future income or educational tax. 

If parents enroll their child k-age 12 in the public school system or accepting funds though the education tax, the parents are accepting, thus obligated to pay a portion of the education tax.  Age 13 - 12 grade, the student must accept the obligations of the future education tax in order to attend the public school system or  receive funding from the government system.

Parents always has the option of taking on the extra tax burden for themselves although the system is set-up to have the each person take on half the burden while they are 13 years old-12 grade and the other half when their children are k-12 years old.

The same concept can work in the private educational funding.  If one chooses to be out of the government system, the parents can only contract out with the parents future income until the child turns 13.  At that time the 13-18 year old can contract out within limits their future income.


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