I firmly believe in prayer and every person’s religious rights.  This prayer bill is fundamentally wrong because it is fundamentally wrong for the government to educate our children.  Government has an interest in ensuring our children receive an education and possibly funding that education.  I argue that government funding education is bad economic policy See Laffer Curve.  The administration of that education is the fundamental wrong, along with funding only those that they administer. 

Yes, John voted for this, and I guess I would have also, if in the senate, however it would not be necessary if government was not administering education.  This is simply nibbling around the edges.  The great injustice is that parents are required to give up control of how their children are educated if they want the government benefit of a government funded education.  Parents and students want to be at a school they can not only express their religious views but also be taught them and have them modeled by the leadership of the school. Under this law, students will have to hear that the leadership does not agree by giving a disclaimer: Requires each school division to provide a disclaimer, either in writing or orally, or both, in advance of any school event at which a student is permitted to publicly speak, including graduation ceremonies, that the school division does not endorse any religious viewpoint that may be expressed by student speakers.



11/09/2015 4:59am

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