We hear to often that we need to allow children in failing schools to switch to a better performing school.  While that is a nice and I fully agree, we need to stay focused on the big issue.  That issue is parental rights. 

Often a school has to be failing for so many years before a plan to allow choice to take effect.  Do we just allow those years to be wasted, and what if the school is right on the edge of failing and the option never takes effect?  

The What Ifs

What if a good school is failing your child?  What if the learning style of your child just does not match the teacher ion that school and a proven successful model for your child type is at another school.  What if you just do not like the world view the teacher is teach with.  What if your student is academically far above the average of the class and the teacher has to teach to the average, thus not challenging advanced student.  The same applies to those struggling, for one of hundreds of reasons and the teacher has to move with the class and those struggling are left behind frustrated and not properly served. 


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07/07/2015 1:39am

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