This page is all about how many people and organizations will give high quality education for free.  Just with access to the internet and anything you want to from pre-k- high levels of college can be found for free.
More will come on line rapidly if government would step out of the way.
Government very often crowds out private endeavors.

This fact that free and low cost education is available to all should demonstrate that if government does not provide education, the poor would have access. 

This is just a small sample of what is out there.

All this for Free

The wealth and expertise on this page is tremendous. Click on the icon to go to the web page to look around.

My Study

Click to go to my study.  This is where I spend dozens of hours a week and never come close to a small percentage of what this has to offer.  The new stuff rolls in faster than I can keep up, plus all the high quality information from the past.   
Just incredible amounts of information at iTunes U

Low cost online courses with heavy teacher involvement.



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