Social Security has one set of regulations and thus will not have the benefit of new reforms from which people can choose. Social Security existing as a welfare system for the elderly produces disincentives to work. 
For so many, work is a highly relevant part of their lives and a part of who they are.  Some elderly want to add to their income to have a higher standard of living.  The regulations within Social Security discourages income as it is often deducted from their “benefit”.
People like to have control and government offers one system.  Free enterprise offers many choices that allows the all plans to be compared and continually improved.  Corrupt and ineffective plans will vanish as individuals make choices aided by the Rating System.   

The government is committed to funding you as long as you live, over 65, and also in charge of approving new life extending drugs and procedures.  This gives federal bureaucrats and politicians perverse incentives.   Governments claim to benevolence to the elderly is suspect when they have high pressure to balance the budget.  


Bill Haley
06/16/2016 5:42pm



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