Conservatives and many Libertarians agree on many of the goals of limiting the federal government, and there are many varieties of proposed amendments out there to do such.  They do not agree however on if a convention of the state (COS) is the best way to accomplish this goal.  Some very smart people have legitimate concerns and other very smart people recognize the concerns, however believe the laws are on their side and that benefits outweigh the risk.  
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I believe this fight on the ‘right’ between people with mostly the same goals is harming the conservative/liberty movement.  I believe the pro-COS people need to appreciate the concerns, put in safe guards and speak to those issues as to bring in the anti-COS people. Having only half of the ‘Right’ will not achieve the goal of reining in the federal government. 
Let’s address the concerns about a ‘runaway convention’.  Although, I believe the law is on the side limiting the ability of a ‘runaway convention’, we see many lawless things happening now so, yes, that is always a concern.  However, the left could propose a COS and it could ‘runaway’ with them in the driver’s seat.  Also, every time congress meets, they could propose ANY amendment to the Constitution. 
The amendment process is protected by a two-step process.  First, the congress or the states (COS) propose an amendment, either way a difficult process.  Second, 3/4 for the states need to adopt the amendment which is even a larger hurdle.  A COS is just one method of achieving the first step.  Legislations from the states calling for an Article Five Convention should come with exact wording of the proposed amendment with strict rules to only entertain only vote for the amendment proposed.  
This can be found in the attached document.  


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