Haley2024 is different than Agenda 21. Agenda 21 allows massive government control of people. Haley2024 takes the power away from the government and returns it to the people and free enterprise. Statism always claims to help the people but instead gives them an inferior lifestyle. The great experiment of America was to give people freedom, rights, free enterprise, justice, and liberty. This experiment has given us a 5,000 year leap of high improvements in standards of living. Those living under any form of statism are trying through Agenda 21 to bring those with far greater standards of living into their poverty. 

Haley2024 is pulling towards liberty in the great tug-of-war of government control vs. liberty.
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When people receive benefit from the government, they develop interest in ensuring the growth of that benefit.  
Just a small list of so many hidden taxes.
To those who pay taxes indirectly, taxes are incredibly detached and dispersed.  It is very hard for jobs that were not created do to the disincentive of the tax. Higher prices at the store are often due to higher cost, yet it is very hard to fully understand the complexity of the economy.  Many are willing to accept a new tax when it is hard to see they are paying for it, however they clearly see the benefit.
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    Bill Haley

    Bill Haley started this Haley2024 in the spring of 2013 in an effort to do his part of restoring freedom to America.


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