Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRA's) and Rating Agencies as Representatives
Currently our representatives and executive officials are expected to know and manage or direct far too many activities of which they are not knowledgable. Moreover, when they do have the knowledge, there is too often a one way solution that everyone must accept.

Under CRA's and ratings, which have real power, the leadership will be your representatives.  Their real power only affects those that voluntarily choose to be ‘governed’ by them.  These are not geographic areas, but rather about a dozen CRA's or rating agencies that either cover the state or the entire country.  Each business or individual would pick the CRA's that would govern them and the rating agencies they trust.
Standards would rise as ratings clearly show levels of standards each business has and the business’s desire to maintain high reputations and protect their brand.  Consumers would trust certain rating agencies, which would derive power and authority with that trust. 
CRA representatives would earn their power because of the businesses that voluntarily hire that CRA for their services.  The businesses within a CRA would elect the leaders of their CRA.  Leaders of CRA's would have expertise within that sector because there would be many CRA's competing for the regulatory services offered to business. badly regulated CRA's would loss business, thus their power. 
The more people who trust a certain rating agency, the more influence that agency will have in overall ratings.  While some would be only concerned with their chosen rating agency, the overall number (the weighted average of all the rating agencies) would be posted.  
The weighted average is the number used in rating floors, which are government floors for transactions that harm those outside of the transactions, such as pollution.  Rating agencies would have some power dealing with different CRA's. 


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