Many people think that it is obvious that government must own the power grid because it is too important for the private sector or that there is not proper competitive nature in the power grid.  Many are concerned with monopoly effects.  Please read my ‘Utilities page’ to see the structure and how ‘Corporate Proxy Groups’ reforms would be critical to the plan. 
To maintain and increase standards, cities, states and the federal government could mandate a certain minimum level of ratings regarding many factors of major concern. Consumers and buyers of the stocks would likely demand better standard then the government. 
The power grid would be divided into dozens of different areas across the nations with mandated high ratings on cooperation with the rest of the grid owners. Having many owners will allow for new innovations to be tried with the best always being topped.   
When the people of the area can buy stock and thus have ownership rights and using Corporate Proxy Groups to put in the right leadership of these corporations, many ills associated with monopoly will be reduced.  People need to also consider alternatives to the power grid such as natural gas generators or other methods of competition.     

The power grid would be owned separate from power generating plants.  They would have to have high ratings on cooperation with anyone that wishes to sell power to the grid to allow proper competition and to limit protectionist policies.  The grid owners would want to maintain high ratings on EPA related issues. Therefore they could pay for power coming into the grid at different rates based on how much pollution the power generating plants pollutes.
These ratings would be very dynamic and different rating agencies would rate differently and the free enterprise system is the best way to resolve these disputes.  Instead of elected or appointed government officials having the power and control over these important decisions, elected board of directors of the corporation and leaders of rating agencies would have a lot of control.


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