The greater the power and control of the governments at all levels, the greater the weapons they have against their opposers. Politicians know the power of the laws and regulations could make or break a business.  A simple tax increase or hostile regulation could put your political enemy out of business.
The greater control politicians have over additional sectors of the economy brings additional weapons politicians and administration personnel can use against their enemies and to the benefit of their cronies and supporters. 
If fully implemented, the movement Haley2024 reforms eliminates over 90% of government control, reducing the tools and weapons used by those currently in government. 
Recent examples are the targeting of the Tea Party by the IRS, improperly using campaign laws to target Tom Delay, anti-environmentalist targeting coal and natural gas. The list is endless.



02/04/2015 5:53am

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04/13/2016 1:17pm

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05/31/2016 12:44pm

I think its the best way to implement that rules as it help for the safety of peoples. As well as people are not moving towards the old hunting techniques that are less harmful.


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