Exclusive property rights over an invention or creation has proven to be very useful in the advancement of technology, knowledge, tools, art, etc.

The structure of CRAs gives CRA boards the power along with the ratings system to structure patents in their sector of business. This will create different models across different fields based off that sector’s needs.  This will also have multiple models implemented at the same time, thus giving great experience of different methods.    

The advancement of intellectual property has vastly different needs and costs in the clothing, movie, book, computer, medical, or manufacturing industries, just to name a few.  While they are treated differently now, they do not have the power to experiment without major congressional actions.  


In some areas such as genetic research, the balance between strong and weak protections is not the only challenge.  Often times, dozens or even hundreds of patented genes are needed to bring out another advancement, thus making it almost impossible to gain all the many authorizations or deals with the owners of all those genes. 
Let me express a different paradigm.  Once a genetic advancement or discovery is made that deserves a patent, allow others to build on that advancement without having to get authorization. There would be a board put in place to determine the correct percentages of ownership or royalties of the new discovery belonging to each individual or organization.
This is just one of many new paradigm or models that could be tried in various sectors.  Often patents harm inventions and advancements.  The structure is critical.  politicians simply do not have the knowledge to strike the correct balance and different sectors of the economy needs different balance points.
Although I have recommended this document, I do not mean to say I share the same position as the author.  I just love learning from great minds.


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