Show 22 Newt Gingrich speech transforming Medicaid
Jan 25, 2006
Show 22 Newt Gingrich Speech Newt discusses how to transform Medicaid into a 21st Century solution on August 19, 2005. He then answers questions on immigration, the Iraqi war, and more. Rating 7 out of 10. Check out newt.org Newt for Pres!!  

This speech was made close to a decade ago, about one year before  Barack and the liberals took control of government.  It is interesting to see how much more relevant this information is now that government has taken even more control over regulation.  We went in the opposite direction from Newt and things have gone downhill.


Newt does not advocate my ideas. He clearly wants the government to have more power than I see necessary or healthy, but he has great free market principles.  His ideas for running medicaid and medicare would likely be an improvement. However, i believe the best results will occur when the free market is trying out more ideas at the same time and patients are given a choice. The exactly same plan when people have the choice is far superior to the same plan that everyone is forced to use.



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