In a few months, the American people will go to the voting booth to vote on the President and members of House and Senate.  Given that there are dozens of very serious issues that affect our lives greatly, and given that there are dozens of preferences within each issue, it is highly unlikely that one of two choices will match your preferences on all the issues.  In addition, you do not get to be governed by the person you choose if they do not win. 

The solution is that we restructure government so issues are spread out to different groups.  Moreover, in most cases, on most issues, the group you choose, will govern you.  The group your neighbor chooses, governs them.  You get to pick your group per major issue. 
The federal government’s main and really only responsibility should be foreign Policy.  That is very important and peoples should be able to concentrate their attention on that issue alone when deciding on federal elected office holders.  All other issues would be dealt with at the state level or within free enterprise.  See how I structure free enterprise to take over many current government functions at
When deciding President and members of congress, your attention should not be on regulations, health-care, k-12 education, family law, labor law, colleges, roads, taxes, monetary policy, welfare, economics, police, Social Security nor the other dozens of items the federal government should not be involved with. 


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