Have you ever noticed that the greatest discrimination has occurred at the hand of government?  The free market has had its issues, however it has always led the way to inclusive behavior and normally having lower rates of discrimination than government.  Most 1960s civil rights movement issues were fighting discriminating laws or private sector discrimination enforced by government.  True free market, while not perfect, leads the way to inclusion far faster than the government sector and law. 

Three Ways Affirmative Action Harms

First, many whites look suspiciously at minorities that get a job or an advancement as not on merit, rather by the color of their skin.   Right or wrong, affirmative action creates a divisive suspicion. Minorities also feel that suspicion.  This can cause animosity between the races thus worsen the racial tension.

Second, minorities with equal SAT scores or skill levels have shown to compete just fine with a class or work force of the same general skill level.  However, in education, if affirmative action pairs those of high academic levels together a minority with lower SAT scores, the minorities are more likely to fall behind the class and not thrive. 
Studies have shown the negative effects to affirmative action on minorities.   Similar results are likely in the work force if the job is highly skilled and a less skilled minority is competing with a higher skilled work force. 

Third, there is harm when higher qualified students are not given a spot at a school even though their academic results are better than an affirmative action student.  This also widens resentment and animosity between the races.
The promise of affirmative action was always to even things out and give minorities a chance and bring racial harmony.  The results have been negative to minorities and racial animosity.   



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