Under my system of multiple competing currencies, every financial CRA would decide what items of real value backs up their currency. 
To understand my system you should try to gain a good understanding of Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRA), Financial CRA's and my Monetary Policy
As a house is being built, a long term durable good is being created and gaining worth.  A bank would recognize the value and create currency reflecting that value.  The house becomes part of the worth that backs up the currency.  The owners of the currency would have real ownership interest in the house, exercised by the bank.
The mortgage contract would state that worth is really future labor equaling the dollar (BD) value agreed upon in the loan. The house is collateral if the mortgage is not paid. As the mortgage is paid off each month, the money returns to the bank, lowering the worth to the currency and adding the worth to the home buyer as equity.
Now made mostly digitally
Let’s recap: As the house is being built, worth is being established and currency is being created by banks based on that worth.  That currency pays the home builders and the ownership of the house belongs to the bank as part of the overall worth of the currency. At this time, all those that own currency from this CRA has ownership interests a small part of this house.
The bank creates a mortgage exchanging the worth of the house to future labor contracts with interest as the worth backing up the currency.  Overtime the home buyer buys all the worth of the house reflected as equity.  Every month when the money goes to the bank from mortgage payments, the future contract is reduced in value because less is owed.
The currency that was created on the worth of the house is repaid and vanishes.  The worth is no longer in currency; it is now in home equity. 
This model can work with many durable goods such as factories, cars, equipment among many other durable goods.  Each bank and financial CRA would have guidelines on these.  Given that each currency would be on the trading market, everyone would determine the value of the items backing up the currency.


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The owners of the currency would have real ownership interest in the house, exercised by the bank.

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The money that was made on the value of the house is reimbursed and vanishes. The value is no more in money; it is presently in home value.


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