It is often said that the FED is printing money from thin air.  While this is true to some degree and I clearly have stated this.  I think it is more accurate to state that these new dollars are created by shaving off value from each dollar in existance.  


An imaginary amount of capital, lets call it's value $100x.  Lets say that there is 100 Billion dollar bills out in circulation.  If the FED prints up 1 billion new dollars.  The imaginary amount capital stays at $100x, however now spread over 101 billion bills. Every existing bill is taxed roughly 1% and the value going into the new dollars   

A gallon of orange juice has 1,792 calories in it, thus 128 one ounce cups of 14 calories per ounce.  If you added one gallon of pure water to the one gallon of orange juice, you would now have 256 ounces of orange juice, however each ounce of this diluted orange juice would now have only 7 calories per one ounce cup.  Water, is a great way to hold and transfer calories, similarly, the dollar bill hold and transfers value. 


QE is like adding water to orange juice, the calorie count does not change, the number of calories per ounce changes.  To consume 14 calories we use to have to drink one ounce, after the QE on OJ, inflation occurs and now we need to drink two ounces of OJ.  Each existing cup, like the dollar must give up calories or worth, when extra water or dollars are added to the whole.   

The solution is simple, add more orange juice if you need more and the calories per one ounce will stay the same.  likewise, when extra currency is needed, add dollars backed by the things of worth.  If we need $100 billion of new currency, add $100 billion of precious metals, stocks, commodities among other things of real value.    Monetary PolicyQuantitative Easing (QE) = Devalued Money



To consume 14 calories we use to have drink one ounce, after the QE on OJ, inflation occurs and now we need to drink two ounces of OJ.

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