With protest over police abuse (whether true or not) and the new digital age of spying and data collection, now is a good time for professional rating agencies that has real power to rate law enforcement.  Every citizen would declare what rating agency they trust and that trust gives real power to the rating agency inspectors to dig deep into what law enforcement is doing. 
  At certain levels of abuse, they, the Oversight Board, would have real power to change internal affairs personnel or bring additional people in with real power to make changes.  These inspectors would be highly trained and need to have law enforcement experiences with excellent reputations.  These inspectors, with this great power, would need high ratings on themselves to ensure great professionalism and root out corruption. 
Data collection is becoming a major privacy issue and needs to be controlled.  Rating agencies will have major power and the highest levels of authority to dig deep into everything law enforcement is doing.  Private law enforcement companies will also be greatly monitored by rating agencies as well.  With great ability to gather information on people, rating agencies, would need to keep a constant watch to ensure lines are not crossed
There are certainly legitimate uses for data collection.  In the great balance between allowing a guilty person to be set free and convicting an innocent person, it is vital that we give law enforcement plenty of tools to ensure the correct person is convict of a heinous crime.  We do not want a murderer to be set free to murder again or an innocent person to pay the price of a crime they did not commit.  The more information available, the less errors will occur.
Rating agencies official inspectors will have the real power to put in measures to ensure the best practices in stopping abuses and allowing information and data collection to be used wisely.  The very real and serious choice every citizen has in determining what rating agency they trust, will give that rating agency more power in these areas.    



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