In lieu of tax supported welfare, people will be mandated to donate to charities. People will likely choose Charitable Distribution Associations (CDAs) they agree with and has high ratings.  CDA’s ratings will reflect the ratings of the charities they fund. 

There are many ways of looking at how well a charity does with the money they spend.  Some just look at percentages of administrative cost verse aid given out.  I do not think that is nearly dynamic enough. Some administrators do a lot of work in the field and a simple percentage does not capture the true help.  Others give out a high percentage in aid, however that aid is not the most productive in achieving the stated goals.
Some charities goals requires little oversight and most can go out in just aid as in funding cancer research, where others, the aid is very labor intensive as in running a homeless shelter. Other issues complicate the matter.  Is the administrators of the cancer research facility factored in to administrative cost of the charity, or should it be.  How is it determined whether the aid is ‘doing the most good’?
Are high percentages of advertising worth it if the ads bring in more money and give a higher dollar amount to the people in need? The dynamic of determining a good rating is very high.  All these questions among many more will be answered in many different ways by different people and groups.  The structure of the rating system requires many rating agencies each with a different way or philosophy of determining worth, value, and even what is desired.   

Volunteer Hours  

Volunteer Hours will be rated.  When many people hear about volunteer hours they might envision 15 highly trained professionals standing behind a table ladling soup to 4 homeless men.  Not only would that be foolish and unproductive it would certainly receive very low ratings.
While there would be a minimum rating, the likelihood would be advances in productivity of the volunteer hours. Many people would work extra hours in the regular job without pay to meet the volunteer hour requirements while others would just pay the $1,500 a year.  The beauty of these plan is that once someone begins ‘doing good’ they are more likely to give even more hours than required.      
Assessor's Organizations
Assessor Organizations will be critical in rating.  These are people that specialize in determining a person’s or family’s needs.  They examine when help becomes enabling and when those receiving aid needs to give additional volunteer hours.  These people would be experts at bringing able-bodied people out poverty and those challenged with aid and the self-worth of working where they can.   

People when determining where to give there charity money or their volunteer hours would look at the rating agencies they trust and look at the philosophy of the CDA and charity and will make their choice of how they will help those in need.


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