There are those that are well read; they study a lot.  However, without massive amounts of hours of digging deep into Target and all the others, they have little idea whether Target's identity security is more or less than Walmart, Sears, Kmart, or others.  Many that pay close attention to the news have come to  distrust the news for accurate information.  Sometimes the information is accurate, however stated in such a way that is highly unfair.  

Every restaurant will have an occasional ant, bug or rodent issue.  Having a reporter only give his or her audience a list of bugs of a non-advertising restaurant and not of a friend's restaurant can be totally truthful, however very misleading.  

A news reporter could come on TV and state truthfully that there has been an explosion on the sun so big that it would swallow the entire state of Texas.  He could further state that the scientist claim the effects of that explosion will reach earth in 8 minutes.  He could give the amount of heat and the different forms it will take.  He could be totally truthful and without giving context, he could cause a panic.  My point is, media can take things way out of context.
While we currently have 3 big firms analyzing, they are heavily controlled by the government.
Giving truthful information is only half of the story.  Carefully analyzing the data is highly important and very powerful.  Different people have different thoughts on how things need to be analyzed, therefore many different groups will analyze the data and rate.  Everyone will pick which group they choose to trust. Haley2024 rating agencies only answer to those that give them their trust. 



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