There are 168 hours in a week, so why do people not work all 168 of those hours making money? 

The first hour you work and the money that follows is always more impotent than the next hour; the second hour is more important than the third and so on. 

The first hour off work and the rest or recreation that follows is always more important than the next hour off.

While everyone is different, most have settled at 40 hours working and 128 hours not work.  In the past, the average work week was much longer because of lower productivity. 
The meeting place is usually when needs are met and a certain amount of desired widgets are satisfied. 

This effects public policy by giving a better understanding to the Laffer Curve.  If much of your needs are met before taxes are started, then a greater percentage rate is required on desired widgets in the high income levels.  If 50% of your dollar is taken away in taxes, one would be less inclined to work that extra hour since the extra money is just for something wanted, not needed .   

From David Friedman


03/20/2015 2:48am

Employees who are not connected to the core tasks of the business i.e all those in-house cooks and lawyers, accountants and PR people, art directors .nice post


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