Minimum Wage Protest  

I wept, hearing an interview with a young single mother making minimum wage was truly sad, however I wept over what she said.  She did not use these words, however she wanted lawmakers to FORBID by law, her, my teenagers and millions of others from selling their labor for what their labor is worth.  There is not slavery in this country and if she wanted to set a minimum wage for herself, she is more than welcome to negotiate for the $15 an hour and not accept the job for less. 
Fast food companies could pay $15 to much more competed employees that could do the work of 2 minimum wage workers. They could buy more automated machines that require less employees or they could go out of business.  If the minimum wage was raised to double the current rate, a high percent of those close to the minimum wage would lose their job because lawmakers choose to protect these people by forbidding them to work. 
There are those that lack skill, experience, responsibility, ability, wisdom, self-control or a clean criminal record.  In a tough job market, employers would naturally hire people that do not lack these important fundamentals components.  People would be forbidden from outbidding others.  I am offended by the ignorance of those that think employers should base their pay scale based on need.  


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