There are many Christians, myself included, that believe that volunteering and choosing to give is far superior to a government mandate. Charity is love and you cannot mandate love.  I wanted to address this issue straight on.  Yes, this is a tax, however coming 90% towards charity.

First, I want you to know that we are paying taxes now and the money is being used for welfare.  Under the Haley2024 plan, taxes for welfare would stop. The mandated contributions to charity would then begin at a much lower level.  Second, this plan would likely require many to do more than the minimum where everyone would obviously be able to give how they wish.  

Third, if you desire to have even more control over your contributions, please realize CDA's would be able to experiment with many different models where their donors are very involved.  If a CDA and Charitable CRA's wish to go through the church, they can.   Ratings agencies would have to dig deep into analyzing this model and rating them. 
Forth, currently, under welfare, the government controls the philosophy of how to help the poor.   Under about a dozen different CDA's, many different philosophies of how to help would compete, thus allowing everyone to choose the philosophy that best matches their desires. 
Fifth, the CDA's have great value.  The leaders of CDA's will do in-depth research, look at ratings, receive the great value of Assessors' Organizations, coordinate with other CDA's and Charity CRA's and properly distribute funds.  These actions are simply beyond the ability of individuals. How Funding CDA's Is Similar to Funding a Church
Lastly, we must all recognize the likelihood of totally eliminating all welfare without a replacement is simply very low.   This Haley2024 plan replaces over a long transition as to allow charities to grow into the new role thus having a greater chance of success.      


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