A great article on AEI- Ideas. 
1. In the video above George Mason economist Walter E. Williams talks to John Stossel about the “state against blacks.”

2. In this segment as guest host of the Rush Limbaugh show, Walter explains why he “loves greed.”

3. In this segment, Professor Williams examines the “racial double standards” in 2012 when Obama launched his racially divisive “African Americans for Obama” campaign to help him get re-elected. Walter asks, “Could Romney have launched a ‘Whites for Romney’ campaign without a national media uproar?”

4. Here’s Walter E. Williams’s “Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent” so that “they can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry.”

5. Here’s the website “Suffer No Fools” for an upcoming public television documentary about the life of Walter E. Williams, produced by the Free to Choose Network:

On the major social and political issues of our time, Walter Williams is one of America’s most important and provocative thinkers. He is black, yet he opposes affirmative action. He believes that the Civil Rights Act was a major error, that the minimum wage actually creates unemployment and that occupational and business licensure and industry regulation work against minorities and others in American business. Perhaps most importantly he has come to believe that it has been the welfare state that has done to black Americans what slavery could never do: destroy the black family. Walter Williams expresses all of these provocative ideas and more in this new public television documentary produced by Free To Choose Network.

You can watch a 6-minute video preview of the documentary here.



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