Many business models will emerge with likely differences for the different types of roads.  These are only ideas and not requirements.  These are given in order to spark different thoughts so that people can realize the possibilities of free enterprise roads and not having to rely on government controled socialized roads.  Governments could set minimum rating limits, however the free enterprise system would increase rating by people's choices 
People would most likely buy stocks in the roads they use the most and through their ownership rights, demand the quality of road they would like to see.  Many would demand sidewalks, good landscaping and accept the higher tolls that come with the extra expense.

Corporate Proxy Groups would be very important in road corporations.  Most people will have ownership in many roads and they will not have the time to look into every board of director.  There would be about a dozen different Corporate Proxy Groups that you could turn your proxies over to, so they can use the power of your ownership rights to fight for the corporate values you desire.  
Each Corporate Proxy Group would put out their philosophy of how a road corporation should run and group all the proxies together to have influence in road corporate board elections.  These proxy groups would search out good people that match their philosophy and standards to serve on boards.   
One idea is that certain people would become highly knowledgeable on serving on the board of road corporations and would serve on numerous road corporation boards of directors.  These people would pick a road maintenance company, contract with the police, set a toll amount and pick the methods of collecting the toll, ect.  
Every road corporation would hire road cops for their road.  There would be a high likelihood that private road police would monitor many different roads and they would be mandated to have high ratings on cooperation with other road police.  These police would likely also be contracted by the government or police corporations for violent crime as well.   

Residential roads that are mostly used by the homeowners in the area could be structured where the land comes with part ownership of the neighborhood roads.  This is currently done within some homeowners association.  These could have tolls or simply monthly or yearly dues.  
City, state or federal roads could come with many models.  A certain business or a business parks could choose to subsidies a road that is very beneficial to that business or set of businesses in order to not discourage travel to their store with heavy tolls.  Government which would normally be limited on how many shares they could own, would have greater latitude around government owned buildings or land.    



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