Second Best in Education
Allow a dozen Public School Boards (CRA’s on my charts) to exist within each city or county.  Every parent with an eligible child would pick which School board (CRA) they wish to control their child’s education.  All parents of students who choose that school board, elects their school board members.
Since there are many choices, roughly a dozen, all restrictions would be lifted on inculcating religion during academic teaching.  One school board CRA would still be run by the government with all the restrictions, however the others would be free to be run similar to private schools now. 
All current laws requiring a minimum number of days and length of days would be lifted.  The current system is swimming in hundreds of requirement that is best left to the free enterprise system.  The new school boards would make these or allow the schools under them have great leeway in creating their own.  The best is only achieved when people have the freedom to innovate.   
Every school board is given an equal amount of funds per student.  Special needs students have a separate budget.  If the school board can achieve cost savings, the savings are deposited in each student’s educational saving account.  Educational saving accounts can be used in that current year for tutors, online educational assistance, approved extracurricular activities (sports, music and clubs) among others. 
Money can also roll over to future years of k-12 or into college.  Trade schools and other approved expenses would qualify.  If a school Board wishes to add an additional tuition per child, they can.  Any funds not used always stays in that person’s personal educational saving account and could be applied to their children. 
The school board CRA parent group will coordinate all assets of the schools and divide them up and create publicly traded corporations on each.  One percent of the stocks of each corporation would be sold per month in the manor described here.  Rentals of buildings, buses and equipment would be standard with long term rent to own or other arrangements agreed to by all parties.
Once these corporations are completely owned by the people owning the stocks, all options are open.  All money from the sale of these stocks will go back into the education budget and be added to the per student payout.  This will last about 8.5 years.    
Every parent/ student will now have many options on high quality education.  Many new business/ educational models would emerge.  School boards would run their own system and would be able to compete for students.  States and cities would have policies for students to cross state, city or county lines.     
Current private or home school families would likely go into these School board CRA’s because there would be several that would be totally open to parental control or academic education totally infused with religious inculcation. 
Nevertheless, one CRA would be designated for current private schools or home educated and would only disperse money in the educational saving accounts.   At the age of thirty, if any money is still in a person’s personal account, they will have the option of donating to another’s account or to pay off some taxes.  Of course they could always keep the funds in their account for future education.  


12/16/2015 1:20pm

Of course they could always keep the funds in their account for future education.


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